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Welding Picks is the Number One Resource for Professional, Part-Time, and Hobbyist Welders

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Welding Picks is the Number One Resource for Professional, Part-Time, and Hobbyist Welders

February 26
22:06 2020
There’s no better place than Welding Picks where professionals, part-timers, or hobbyists welders can get together and get updates about the welding industry. They post relevant content important to the welding community such as welding tools, safety equipment, and brands.

Welders and welding enthusiasts can turn to Welding Picks for the latest in the welding industry. They not only offer tips on how to improve welding skills but they also showcase amazing products related to welding such as welding helmets, welding jackets, and respirators. They also post blog posts like ‘Best Tig Welders for Aluminum” that are of some value to many professional welders.

One tool that all welders must use in order to perform their work is a welding helmet. These are designed specifically to protect the wearer’s eyes from the bright welding torch, as well as protect their faces from slugs and sparks that come flying off. One type of welding helmet that has seen a rise in popularity is the auto-darkening helmet. Technology has progressed so much that the days of having to cover and uncover a welder’s face just to see their work is gone. Welding Picks compiled a list of the top five best auto-darkening helmets.

Another important protective equipment every welder must-have is a welding jacket. With their work dealing with raw materials at immense temperatures, it only makes sense that welders protect themselves. A welding jacket will protect welders from sparks, flames, and hot metal spatters. A good welding jacket should not only protect the wearer but should also allow them a full range of motion. Welding Picks compiled a list of the best welding jackets. They cite the pros and cons of each one, highlighting its design, form factor, and functionality.

Welding Picks also has a post about the best welding respirator. This buying guide will give professionals and part-time welders the necessary information they need in order to choose the best respirator. These are crucial welding equipment that shields the welder from the toxic fumes, filler metals, coatings, and base metals that can wreak havoc to the respiratory system of the welder.

Anyone looking for the best TIG welders can stop their search because Welding Picks made the search a whole lot easier by compiling the best TIG welders for aluminum. TIG has always been a brand trusted by many professionals. They manufacture products that are worth the investment and last a lifetime.

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