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NCE establishes Ncecoin Global Foundation and moves forward its decentralized community governance

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NCE establishes Ncecoin Global Foundation and moves forward its decentralized community governance

July 06
08:16 2019

Ncecoin Global Foundation has been approved and officially established in Colorado, United States on May 22, 2019, after a long process of legal documents preparation, which is a great part for the community governance of NCE as well as a milestone in the development of NCE projects. The establishment of Ncecoin Global Foundation will promote NCE’s ecosystem to carry out more business activities and cooperation, and to output NCE’s technology legally.

Ncecoin Global Foundation, the non-profit organization, dedicates to the sustainable development of global digital economy. On June 28, the NCE Global Digital Ecosystem Summit was held in Thailand and issued its Ncecoin Global Foundation license to the whole world. It marks that NCE will move towards a more decentralized community governance.

Mr. Gregory, the Director of Ncecoin Global Foundation, delivered his speech that he hoped Ncecoin Global Foundation would keep moving forward and make users to exchange cooperation and trust to realize decentralized value under the blockchain technology.

Moreover, he reasserted his views: NCE desires to create an environment in which value exchange can be replaced globally and freely, so that the economy will be more active, the NCE global community will also become a valuable carrier, and the exchange of value and value will be fair.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Gregory stressed, “I believe that Ncecoin Global Foundation has established a trusting relationship in the world, and NCE does have such credibility. People believe that we are honest and neutral, so we just want to convey the real message.”

At present, Ncecoin Global Foundation has set up the Decision-making Committee and the Global Board of Directors. The Decision-making Committee is the highest decision-making institution of Ncecoin Global Foundation and it undertakes the ultimate decision-making function. The members of the Decision-making Committee have no ranks and they are responsible for reviewing and approving the strategic plan, annual plan and budget of the Foundation, as well as vote on the major ecological issues of NCE agreement on behalf of the Foundation. The Board of Directors of Ncecoin Global Foundation will implement all stages of NCE’s technology development, manage the funds raised in NCE private equity to better serve NCE and its ecosystem with decentralized technologies.

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