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PAQ case from JPAQ is resistant to water and moisture

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PAQ case from JPAQ is resistant to water and moisture

July 01
02:16 2019

With the rise of cannabis companies all over the United States and various parts of the world, it is increasingly necessarily to package cannabis in a way that will preserve freshness. JPAQ is proud to be one of the premier companies for pre-rolled cannabis. The company has a variety of styles and features that keep cannabis products intact and in great quality, which helps consumers get the most for their money.

The PAQ case from JPAQ is resistant to water and moisture and sealed with gaskets. The cases are designed for rolled cannabis that is up to 110mm, and there are also separate roach coaches and gasked-lined chambers. These amenities are definitely a benefit to avid cannabis users and makes the product appear more sophisticated.

JPAQ has the distinction of being the only pre-roll packaging on the market that is gasket-sealed and designed for the purpose of retaining freshness and extended the overall shelf life of pre-rolled cannabis. There are compartments in the case for separate rolls and the case has a durable plastic frame to shield the rolls against impact. Users can even shake or drop the case without having to worry about damaging the products. JPAQ users can be sure that the cannabis they’ve purchased is safe and can be used as their leisure. The JPAQ case is quickly becoming the case of choice for pre-roll smokers due to its design and function.

The case is also odor-proof, which keeps the un-smoked pre-rolls fresh so users will never have to throw away another half-used or unused roach. The cases are sleek and have a subtle appearance, so they don’t obviously look like holders for cannabis. This is ideal for users who want to keep their cannabis use discreet. The case is smaller than the standard Smartphone and can easily fit into a backpack or purse. Users can also store the case in their pockets. The JPAQ is also tamper-proof, which means that children can’t open the case and access the cannabis.

The JPAQ from PAQ are completely recycled and are crafted from recycled plastic, which makes the item ideal for customers who are looking for environmentally safe cannabis accessories. Consumers can keep the JPAQ to refill when they make another cannabis purchase or recycle the case to get a new style or design from PAQ.

PAQ allows cannabis companies to customize their cases, which boosts brand recognition. High-quality digital printing and strong materials give a fresh appearance to the cases. The cases or fonts that retailers can choose from at PAQ helps the product stand out, which can lead to an increased customer base for new and developing cannabis companies. PAQ has a creative and talented in-house design team to help cannabis retailers create cases for various types of cannabis rolls. The cases offer more than 11 square inches of space for company logos and slogans to make marketing effective and turn the cases into collectors’ items.

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